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Today, I want everyone to focus on the same fledging writer. His name is Walter and he wants to write a novel. In fact, he’s dreamed of it for years. But he’s terrified to do so. He carries too many demons. What happens to Walter when he finally sits down to write the rough draft of his novel?

After students have completed their pre-writes, they are ready to begin writing the rough drafts.

Writing a rough draft is very similar. Your first draft is like the first coat of paint. You have to get that down before you can add the subsequent coats in revision.

How to begin writing your rough draft

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So go ahead and take the picture. It might seem blurry and unclear the first time. Go ahead and write that rough draft in whatever way you can best convey your ideas. It might seem unclear too, but the second time and third time you’re working on the next version of your book the focus will become clearer. The subject, the passion, and the hard work will all become clear with the more time you pour into it.

Following the makes writing a rough draft easier, but getting your thoughts on the page is still a challenge. Your main goal in this step is to turn the ideas from your into sentences and arrange them into a first draft. But your secondary goal is to make the drafting process as smooth and easy as possible so you won’t resist doing it. Use the tips below to get through writing a rough draft with less stress and more confidence. The advantage to following the 5 step writing process is that you almost always have the previous steps to work from in moving forward. So one way to get started writing a rough draft is to lay out all the steps you’ve done so far: your prewriting, thesis, and outline. Looking over these steps will help you re-connect with what you mean to say, what got you interested in this writing project in the first place. Re-igniting your enthusiasm for the topic can propel you into writing the draft.