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Writers often skimp on the first two steps in writing a process paragraph, but these steps provide the foundation for a successful essay. Planning can be done formally, as an outline, or informally. Decide what process the paragraph will explain and determine your audience; you will use different terminology in writing for beginners and for experts. Prewriting takes different forms; your instructor may have a preferred method. Common methods include brainstorming, list-making and journalists’ questions. You may move between planning and prewriting as you refine the topic. Think of prewriting as the inspiration part of the process, and planning as structuring that inspiration toward a workable paragraph.

In this video, I describe how to write a process paragraph from scratch.

The final two steps in writing a process paragraph are easy to overlook, but they can make the difference between a successful paper and a failed one. When you revise the paragraph, examine the content for any illogical breaks in the process, insufficiently explained details or unclear descriptions. Test your work; try to perform the process yourself, following the steps as written, or have a friend do so. When you are confident the content is clear and accurate, then you should edit the paragraph. Read it over carefully, looking for mistakes of style, grammar and punctuation; some writers benefit from reading out loud or having a friend read it out. Fix any errors that you find for a more polished paragraph.

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In this video, I describe how to write a process paragraph from scratch.

To write a good process paragraph, you should pay attention to three important things. First, make sure that the steps in the process are complete. Following a procedure whose steps are incomplete will fail to produce the expected result. Second, present the steps in the right sequence. For example, if you are describing the process of cleaning an electric mixer, it is important to point out that you must first unplug the appliance before you remove the blades. A person could lose a finger if this part of the process were missing. Improperly written instructions have caused serious injuries and even death. (Scarry S. & Scary J., 2011: 415). Finally, use correct transitional words to indicate the sequence of the process you are writing. the followings are transitions commonly used in process analysis.