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My big break came shortly after getting tenure. In a passing conversation, a senior colleague mentioned that his process for writing research papers centered on structure. Rather than focus on words and sentences, the part of writing that so bogged me down, he highlighted the importance of outlining the overall story to be told. I had thought that the standard paper structure—introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions—was enough to keep me on track. But my colleague helped me realize that, even with those sections, there is still enough freedom to get stuck in writing cul-de-sacs.

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I stumbled upon this comic while procrastinating on writing a paper with word open, coincidence…? 😛

i just want to let u know that i had to write a paper on 2 webcomics for english, and i chose 2 of ur comics. the topic? procrastination. its due tomorrow. u wanna know what my paper looks like? this comic here.

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