2. What is required for a theory of visual argument?

To be sure, there are messages that, at first glance, look like a lot like what might be called visual arguments. My conjecture is that with a second glance and deeper reflection, it will turn out they are not arguments (because most of the essential work is done by words and text); or they will turn out not to be visual (because though they are clearly visual, their status as argument—in the sense intended by Groarke) is problematic).

? an oral presentation of your visual argument and rhetorical analysis

This week we completed our visual argument projects. Although this project was interesting and enjoyable, it was also difficult. When we started this project I came up with my argument very quickly and thought I had a great idea I could put together really easily. However, after getting started, I found that it was alot harder to actually put my argument into words and visuals. The first thing I did was create the visual aspect of my argument. This was relatively easy however, when it came time to add text..it was much more difficult than I originally thought it would be. I knew what I wanted to say but couldnt find the right words to express my argument.

Visual argument Your visual argument must:

images affect the way you feel. This video is a visual argument that appeals to pathos.

We also began working on our visual argument projects this week. This project requires us to pick a topic and/or issue and create a visual argument of our own for it. At first I wasnt sure what sort of topic I wanted to cover, obviously there are a wealth of ideas but I wanted to make sure i picked something that is somewhat interesting or of importance to me. I then came up with the idea to do something about how role models have changed throughout the years. I then began researching photos of olden day models and of course was directed right to Marilyn Monroe. This then inspired me to take the what we now see as beautiful angle on role models. I then found a somewhat jarring picture of Lindsay Lohan as she was struggling with an eating disorder.