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Previously we shared how to deal with an out-of-control 13-year old who was over-reacting because of an unjust punishment. We shared how parents need to take the first step in the reconciliation process by admitting wrong and humbly asking for forgiveness. Again, this is not a justification for sinful behavior, nor does it disqualify the child from discipline, but it does help to quell hostility which opens the door for a civil dialogue. Once the parent has done their part by admitting wrong and the child accepts responsibility for his part, it is time for mercy to be stronger than judgment. We must never forget that God’s mercy is a 1,000 times greater than His judgment (Ex 20:6)

the moral purpose of the Eighth Amendment to ban all forms of unjust punishment

Dear Mom:
The fact that your son is yelling and being disrespectful suggests that perhaps there is more to the problem than simply a reaction to an unjust punishment. Is yelling a reaction that has been modeled by mom and dad? Many behavioral problems stem from parents who are not modeling the behavior that they desire in their children. The boundaries we set for ourselves are usually the boundaries our children will adopt for themselves.

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Oil painting that describes unjust punishment, forced confessions, obstruction of justice and the psychology of torture

An important aspect of the Stalinist work camp that thenovel describes is that the inmates have been convicted of activitiesthat do not seem criminal to us. Gopchik took milk to freedom fightershiding in the woods; Shukhov was captured by Germans and then accusedby the Russians of being a spy; Tyurin was the son of a rich peasantfather. We do not know much about the crimes of their fellow inmates,but none of them appears to be a terrible criminal. Whether theSoviet government has enforced unfair laws or simply made falsecharges, the inmates’ back-breaking labor in subzero temperaturesis grossly unjust punishment.