Here is a direct link to the UIUC MSF program:

I just got an admit to the UIUC MSF program today. Anybody have any opinions of the program? How are the job placements? I've looked at the list of companies on the website but would like to hear from people who have graduated from this program before or anybody who has information! Does this degree also open doors to international opportunities? With the recession going on in the US I'm hoping the job market recovers next year!

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Hi, I am from SE Asia and was admitted to OSU and UIUC MSF(2016). I find it difficult for me to decide between these two programs and would really like to hear from you. For OSU MSF, its small class size and higher percentage of domestic students attract ...

Hello All, I just got an admit to the UIUC MSF program today

Is the UIUC MSF program worth it