Understand the Different Types of Pageant Interviews

I know I’ve stayed pretty quiet about child pageants on this blog, mostly because shows like Toddlers and Tiaras made them seem like horror shows. Yet, I’ve found that in order to really see the difference in values and messages present in these two types of pageants, I have to put it in terms of the kids.

There are two types of beauty pageants: Natural and Glitz

Certain types of pageants create an atmosphere in which wearing heavy makeup to emphasize full lips, long eyelashes, and flushed cheeks, high heels to emulate adult women, provocative dance steps, flirtatious poses or facial expressions, and revealing "evening gowns" is not only preferred but expected if a child is to take home the ultimate prize.

Different Types Of Beauty Pageants - YouTube


We are an experienced organization that is family-oriented at a great price. There are several types of pageants and competitions that we host, and we guarantee we have something for everyone interested. We believe in providing opportunities for both boys and girls to gain confidence through regular pageant participation. We are a natural pageant system that travels throughout Brazos, Leon, Robertson and Milam Counties. Our desire is to see children build self-confidence in the areas of personality, good sportsmanship, and determination which will prepare them for success in life.

There are many different types of beauty pageants held every year, including, muscle builder's pageants, bikini contests, photogenic pageants. These title holders, are chosen on many criteria like whether they cute, beautiful, funny, comical, daring, outrageous and so on. There are on-line beauty pageants too, wherein a winner is selected on a monthly or even weekly basis. Despite the numerous types of pageants that we have today, the secrets to winning any, of them remains the same. The principles required to win a local pageant are the same for an international pageant.