What country has a tribal totalitarian government

However, borders are changing and unstable, and national frontiers do not coincide with real ones. Hence, a permanent identity crisis has developed.
Both assumptions have their own rationale, but in both cases Feijtö’s words are true: after the fall of the Empire, the worst came out with nazism, communism, fascism, anti-Semitism and tribal totalitarianism.

is our best weapon against the powerful of racism, tribalismand totalitarianism.

In a totalitarian country, an individual's right to freedom of expression and organization, a free media and regular elections are denies. There are four forms of totalitarianism. Communist totalitarianism was until recently the most wide spread form of totalitarianism. This form of totalitarianism advocates that socialism can only be achieved through totalitarian dictatorship. Theocratic totalitarianism is found in states where political power is monopolized by a party, group or individual that governs according to religious principles. Tribal totalitarianism occurs when a political party that represents the interests of a particular tribe monopolizes power. Right-wing totalitarianism permits some individual economic freedoms but restricts individual political freedom.

Tribal totalitarianism, and Right-wing totalitarianism

3) tribal totalitarianism

Tribal totalitarianism is a political system in which a tribe (or ethnic group) imposes its will on others with whom it shares a national identity, The Hutu-Tutsi conflict is an example of the negative outcomes of such government. By viewing this video, hopefully you will capture the lives of those targeted in this system.

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