How to Apply as a Transfer Student - Caltech Admissions

All transfer-student applicants are required to take a in both mathematics and physics. These exams are to be taken after you submit a transfer application to Caltech.

How to Apply as a Transfer Student

While I still have some thoughts about transferring to Caltech - which is why I'm posting in these threads in the first place, I still spend most of my time on other things.

A Pillar of Tech Transfer at Caltech | Caltech

SEVIS TRANSFER TO CALTECH Consult your current international advisor to determine the best date to transfer your SEVIS record to Caltech

DTC (Depository Trust Company) Transfer
Step One
Direct your broker or custodian bank to make the transfer to Caltech. Your broker or custodian bank is likely to ask you for a letter of instruction before the transfer can be made. Provide the following DTC transfer information for Caltech to your broker or custodian bank: