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What effect do you think the endings of the stories, Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver, The Son's Veto and The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy, might have on the reader ? You should note that the literature course work says you should include comments on the social and cultural aspects of the stories. Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver is a comedy based on a young man journeying through his village as he tries to deceive three women who clearly have feelings for him. It shows, how in the end, coincidence lets him down and he is caught out. The Son's Veto is a slightly longer story which explores the life of Sophy, a village girl, through many years of her life, concentrating on her son's prejudice and the result in which she suffers and dies unhappily. The Withered Arm is a longer story again, also charting a period of many years involving three people in which jealousy and witchcraft dominate. It finishes in a dramatic and tragic way. The three stories tell very different tales and can therefore be seen as separate genres. Tony Kytes is clearly a comedy as it is a portrayal of ordinary life in which coincidence, intrigue and normal human behaviour is shown. No one suffers terribly, there is a fairly pleasant ending and Hardy gives the reader the chance to criticise the characters' personalities. The ending of this story is as much to do with coincidence and fate, as it is dependant on the characters attitudes. Hardy describes Sophy's story as a little 'tragicomedy' and this can be seen evidently in the genre of the story. The Son's Veto is a mixture of genres i.e. tragedy and comedy. It includes elements of comedy, exploring Sophy's ordinary life and the behaviour of her son but we can see Sophy's suffering which gives the story an air of tragedy. The story portrays the downfall of Sophy through her lack of willpower and the trouble caused when she doesn't speak her mind.

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How these Stories relate to the Modern Reader Both of these stories show aspects that relate to the modern reader in a big way and others that are completely oblivious to the modern reader. For example, there are still men that go around just looking for women to sleep with, this is a bit like John Thomas. He doesn't want to make a commitment to a woman he just wants to use them for sex. And I think that asking your father who you should marry is something that wouldn't relate to the modern reader at all. Tony Kytes asks his father who he thinks he should marry, nowadays I think it would be very rare for a son to ask his father for advice on who he should marry. Conclusion Out of these two stories I prefer Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver. I prefer it because I like light hearted and humorous stories more than I do serious stories. But I do like the way in which D.H Lawrance describes the characters and the setting in Tickets Please. I think that D.H Lawrance feels threatened by the increasing power of women at the time he wrote this story, and concludes by letting neither the men or women in his story having power over each other.

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I have been asked to look at "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" and "the Seduction". "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" is a short story and was written Thomas Hardy. It is set in the 1890's in the Victorian era. The poem "The Seduction" was written by Eileen McAuley and set in the 1980's in Birkenhead. Thomas Hardy's story and Eileen McAuley's poem are similar in theme because of both texts are about 'love' and 'romance.' I will explore these themes and the historical and social elements of the two texts. My aims for the essay are to explore the difference between the female characters and the love and romance in "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" and "The Seduction". In the story by Thomas Hardy, Tony Kytes seems to love all three female characters but cannot make his mind up about which to marry. He was a favourite of lots of women and the author tells us that Tony said he "loved them in shoals", which means that he loves all of them a lot.