The Purpose of University Education | Classically Speaking

I like to comment on the purpose of the University Education. It is not merely about making well qualified professionals/employees for a specific industry or service. As I believe there are 2 main purposes. (As guided by my Lecturer)

The purpose of university education is: 1

Obviously, all of these things that you gain from college that I have discussed in reference to society could also be applied to finding jobs. A potential employer would find any of these qualities attractive. However, as already mentioned, this is beside the point. I think we should stop wasting time fussing over the purpose of a university education, and simply make it whatever you want it to be. If you’re here to get prepared for a job, then do it. While you’re at it, learn something you did not necessarily plan to. You may enjoy it. If you’re here to become absorb knowledge like a sponge, then do it. While you’re at it, you get ready for a future career. You may need a job someday. It doesn’t matter if you attend college to get a job or to become enlightened--the benefits will come either way.

I like to comment on the purpose of the University Education

The purpose of university education.