The positive side of globalization

The term globalization has been used as a slogan by most of the developing countries over the last few years. Most countries have welcomed this phenomenon, while some countries fear to welcome it.
Globalization has had various impacts on the lives of the people ranging from rich to poor, black to white, man to woman, rural to urban, etc. Though, in the global village, there’s no difference between man and woman, but due to women’s deprivation from resources and other opportunities, they are more affected by globalization and deeply experiencing its effects.
The impacts of globalization on women are more prevalent and more complicated. Highlighting the positive aspects of globalization, a number of economists believe that women have mainly acquired noticeable benefits from economic reforms. One of the opportunities that globalization has provided for women is the increase in employment. By expanding mass communication Medias, globalization has also boosted women’s awareness level so that they have better chance to prove themselves and have more chances for selection as well.

I Am Benefited With the Topic Positive Effect Of Globalization. - NANDINI MUKHWEJ [June 2, 2013]

You can’t call it globalization, at least the positive benefits of globalization, since it has not touched most parts of the African continent. Is that Cooper’s point?

The Positive Effects of Globalization That We Never Talk About

What are the positive aspects of globalization?