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Outsiders essay is a topic which students may have to write, in case of international law or any other requirements. An outsiders essay must be carefully written with clear and crisp expression. An outsiders college essay would essentially focus on what is an outsider, how an outsider gains access to work, or visit America, and what are the rules governing his stay and work. The outsiders essays should also mention the rules regarding their rights, documentation necessary for their day to day activities and so on. An outsiders essay should focus on all this, and what else is pertinent to an external immigrant.

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So, you have been assigned the writing of The Outsiders essay. This is a fairly easy essay as the book is straightforward and writing the essay will be an interesting task. This is also a common assignment that many students face when doing literature coursework. If you wish to know how to write essay, for literature topics, you need to know what the story is about. This is the only way to ensure your essay is a high-scoring essay.

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Ahmed El Wakeel 26/5/2012 The Outsiders Essay Violence There are many controversial and notorious topics that are portrayed in many different pieces of literature. Such aspects and factors sometimes play a role in delivering a particular message to the reader or to the audience. In other cases, such factors don't play any role at all, but that is barely noticeable. Moving on, we may identify some of these aspects, which are for example, drug use, sex, alcoholism, and violence. One of the most controversial out of these factors is violence. Violence can portray many different messages through different pieces of literature. Some pieces may illustrate violence as an efficient solution to problems, and some others may portray it as only a spark that causes more tragedy. The specific case that will be discussed is the fusing of violence into the mesmerizing novel, The Outsiders. This particular novel captures the young American community of the 1960s and takes you deep into the life of a particular group of people that are involved in all sorts of violence, smoking and alcoholism. Violence was clearly portrayed in the novel The Outsiders, but there have been many views of what violence represents in the novel. I honestly think that the violence is very predictable in the novel. I think this violence in the novel is predictable because of the fact that you are dealing with two rival gangs or groups from different social and financial background.