Lesson 1: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe - Marist College

Just in time to honor the great poet's death, Hemlock Theatre Co. presents "Nevermore," a theatrical ode to the life of Edgar Allan Poe from Oct. 20-22. Location and times will be available on closer to the production dates.

Lesson 1: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe ..

Loosely based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, Nevermore charts the unhappy existence of America's grimmest poet. He's born into a family of neglectful actors and alcoholics. After the death of his mother (Lindsie VanWinkle), he's sent to live with cruel Scottish merchant Jock Allan (Garett Ross) and his soon-to-be-insane wife, Fanny (Beth Graham). He falls in love with Elmira Royster (Shannon Blanchet) at their favorite teenage hangout (a graveyard), but she weds another man while Poe is away at college. Things seem to be looking up when he marries his cousin Sissy (Beth Graham) and attracts the praise of literary critic Rufus Griswold (Ryan Parker), but he can't seem to shake his inherited taste for cheap bourbon. Meanwhile, everyone around him keeps dying of consumption. It's pretty bleak.

The Life of Edgar Allan Poe (New York: Dillingham, 1877)

Big Read: Paul Collins on the Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Starring actor Henry B. Walthall, The Raven is an Essanay feature depicting the life of Edgar Allan Poe, starting with his childhood and going all the way to his marriage to his cousin (played by the little-known Warda Howard).