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Illiterate parents do contribute a lot to whether the others in the family are illiterate, but another issue that brings about illiteracy and comes from the family is poverty. According to an article read about the causes of illiteracy, “In the United States, 50% of all those people who are illiterate grew up in homes where the income was at or below the poverty line” (The Truth About the Causes of Illiteracy). I know that because an adult lives in poverty does not automatically mean they are illiterate and unable to teach their children basic things like reading and writing. Adults might be completely literate, but if they live in poverty and are trying to raise a family then it is sometimes not as likely that the kids of the family will stay in school and have the motivation to learn to read and write. According to the National Committee on Adult Literacy, 1.2 million teenagers or 1 in every 3, drop out of high school (The Truth About the Causes of Illiteracy).

The Causes of Illiteracy Nowadays, there are a lot of causes of illiteracy

As you can see, there are many causes of illiteracy, but every single one of them can be overcome. Literacy volunteers work across the United States and around the world to open up the world of reading and writing to those who are illiterate. So, of you can’t read or write or you know someone who can’t, get help. And, if you are literate, volunteer to help. That’s the only way to overcome the causes of illiteracy.

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What are the causes of illiteracy in India

Another cause of illiteracy is family problems. The first is history family, that mean is if their parents are worker, they also are worker. They don't care about their education. For example, I have known some family at my countryside. Parents are worker for my family. Their salaries are just enough family's life. Their children can not go to school. They just learn their working. After that, they become worker.