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We are excited to announce the recent purchase of 75 acres just south of Navasota, TX. With rolling hills, oak trees, and fresh air, our Texas Longhorn cattle will flourish there.

Texas Longhorn cattle. Love this picture of a longhorn in the bluebonnets! So pretty!

The project is unlike any other nonprofit. must demonstrate to the farmers and ranchers in Israel how well Texas Longhorn cattle thrive in harsh desert environments and teach them how to work with these cattle in a safe and humane manner. It will then donate Texas Longhorn cattle to the farmers so that they can breed desert genetics of them into their failing herds.

registered texas longhorn cattle for sale and the Rocking O Ranch

Texas Longhorn cattle are among the hardiest, most economical breeds of cattle.

Situated just 10 km from the famous gold city of Charters Towers or 140km south west of Townsville, North Queensland, is This property is home to - the largest herd of purebred Texas Longhorn cattle in Australia and the famed custom saddle shop. Operating from Leahton Park is the award winning

If you are looking for Texas Longhorn cattle, you've come to the right place! We have cattle on this site from regions all over the country.The Texas Longhorn cattle breed has been characteristically renowned for its long horns which have been observed to extend as much as 7 feet within its steers and extraordinary cows, and 36 to 80 inches between the tips in the bulls.or visit the page to find a breeder in your area who can get you started on your own herd of Registered Texas Longhorn cattle. The Texas Longhorn cattle breeds which are found to be superior in their genetic composition are often referred to by many cattle men and ranchers as having elite genetics and are highly valued throughout the cattle industry as they are often sold at local fairs and auctions within the United States for prices exceeding $50,000.Spanish colonists were known for importing similar breeds of cattle to several states within the northern regions of Unites States of America including Florida and California. The horns of the Texas Longhorn cattle breed are generally found to have a modest triple twist at their tips turning in an upward direction.Welcome to the Diamondback Ranch, a premier Texas longhorn cattle breeding ranch that is simply Second to None. Offering the best in through hands-on operation.