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Rebelling in teenagers is often symbolic. They want to look grown up and impress their friends. If parents disapprove, it often makes teenage behaviour worse and are common. They defy adult restrictions deliberately as a way of asserting their independence.

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I hope you find some useful tips to inspire or support you in managing teenage behaviour creatively, fostering good communication with teens, and empowering your teenager to developtheir internal guidance and self discipline.

Teenage Behaviour: Communicating with teenagers

Wild teenage behaviour linked to rapid cognitive change in the brain ..

And, at least in some cases, the study also offers an alternative to the theory that teenage bad behaviour is fuelled by peer pressure and a desire to fit in.

In the meantime, here are some articles on handling teenage behavior problems. For more, why not and I will also send you a free one-hour audio interview all about managing child behaviors? One of the hardest aspects for parents raising teenagers is understanding the difference between normal teenager behavior and unhealthy, abnormal teenage behavior. It’s normal for teens to become surly, withdrawn, and — let’s be honest — obnoxious. But how can you tell if a teen is being distant or showing the warning signs of anxiety and depression? How can you distinguish typical teenage behavior from dangerous red flags?