I wish i could Stop teen pregnancy!!!!!!

Teaching Sex Education to Stop Teenage Pregnancy
Sex education starts in the home. Parents should begin introducing the subject of puberty and sex with their children at around age 5. At first these discussions are more based on the relationships between the sexes. As a child gets older, this conversation can move on to puberty, menstrual cycles, safe sex and pregnancy prevention.

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Thank you for not just saying to abstain. In my graduating class, there were at least a dozen mothers or pregnant girls. It’s something that’s easily stopped, but parents have to put in the effort to help stop teen pregnancy.

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Birth Control and Teen Pregnancies
Teenage girls can be placed on to stop teenage pregnancies. This does not mean sexual education is no longer needed. Birth control and condoms may prevent teenage pregnancies but they often will not necessarily stop the transmission of like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. In order for condoms to effectively prevent STDs they must be used consistently all the time.