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The Stone Angel is a well-known novel of Margaret Laurence, which you should definitely read before you start writing The Stone Angel essay. Not only will it be useful for completing your assignment. This story is going to teach you some really important lessons about life.

Anyway, it is up to you whether to learn from those lessons or ignore them. Now, you need good ideas to discuss in your The Stone Angel essay, and we are ready to provide our prompts.

The Stone Angel essays: idea #1. Hagar’s tragedy

Hagar is the main character of the novel, who narrates the story of her life. Before writing The Stone Angel essay, you need to make a thorough analysis of this character. Your major task is to explain why Hagar is a tragic figure. What was the biggest tragedy of her life? Why was she lonely? What was she suffering from?

The Stone Angel essays: idea #2. Symbols in the novel

The novel introduces a lot of symbols that help readers get the author’s message better. Find them and discuss in The Stone Angel essay. For instance, make a list of all objects related to Hagar that you think are symbolic. Explain their meaning in The Stone Angel essay.

The Stone Angel essays: idea #3. Dreams and ambitions in the novel
What were Hagar’s dreams and ambitions? What can you say about a person who has such dreams? Do you agree that Hagar’s dreams and ambitions did not let her live a better life? Introduce your opinion in The Stone Angel essay.

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Idea #2 for The Stone Angel essays

Anger and disappointment: reasons. Everyone has own reasons for getting angry. Write about those of Hagar in The Stone Angel essay.
Idea #3 for The Stone Angel essays

The personality of Currie. In The Stone Angel essay, you may write about your attitude to this character. Do you feel sympathy to her? What have you learnt from her stories? Etc…

Surely, you need to read this novel to create a good The Stone Angel essay. Maybe, while reading it, you will descry another catchy idea and disclose them in The Stone Angel essay.

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I am having trouble coming up with good solid arguments for my Stone Angel Essay. I was wondering if you could help me with this. The theme is "Loss leading to self-awareness" and I want to have the loss of family, the loss of less main characters (I.E. Regina Weese, Clara) and a paragraph on death archetypes and how they relate to Hagar's self awareness. Can you help me?