Stereotyping in Advertisements Viewed by Children

Another example of gender stereotyping in advertisements Axe body wash has probably been a leader in using masculinity to appeal to males. In this advertisement a man is not present but displays a shower head pouring women from it rather than water. This could be depicted as “If you use this, women will rain down on you.”

Stereotyping in Advertisements Viewed by Children ..

This seems to be a very old advertisement. I think that when this advertisement was made, women’s rights were not what they are today. This gender stereotype advertisement is suggesting that women are not as strong as men and that this ketchup bottle is much easier to open than before.

Current sexist ads - Stereotypical Advertisements

Stereotypes in Advertisements | Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements

I pick this youtube video to show how gender roles are stereotyped in advertisements. This is a pine-sol commercial from 1993 that shows a mother cleaning her home after her kids come running from outside. This commercial like most cleaning product commercials, always depict women as domestic. They assume that women do not work and that our role is to clean the home. Also this commercial gives the impression that women stay home and take care of the children. Home cleaning products commercial always target women and never target men in their commercials. This also is a stereotype that men are not clean and do not care about house chores. Commercials that involve men advertise cars, fitness, beers, and sports. For some reason men are advertise for fun items and women are just meant to live their lives to take care of home. This is how things were in the older days when women were not allowed to work. Times have changed and women work, workout, hang out, watch sports and take care of home. When will these companies quit with the stereotypic accusations as to what gender roles are? In my eyes there are not gender roles. Women and men are equal.