Black Press Soldiers Without Swords

During World War II when American soldiers went to fight in the Pacific and European theaters of war, Jim Crow segregation was the law of the land at home. Many racial groups did not have equal access to schools, housing, jobs, or places of public accommodation. Even the United States armed forces were segregated. The Pittsburgh Courier, the most powerful black newspaper of the time, mounted the Double V campaign at the suggestion of a reader. The Double V was intended to accomplish two things: victory over the Axis powers abroad and victory over Jim Crow and racism at home. Learn more about the black press and the Double V in this video segment from Soldiers Without Swords.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords. My favorite of the Firelight Media films.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords, highlights a powerful and engaging account of American history that has been virtually forgotten: the story of the pioneering black newspapermen and women who gave voice to black America.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

Loading Soldiers without swords; a history of the Salvation Army in the United States..

THE BLACK PRESS: SOLDIERS WITHOUT SWORDS is produced and directed byStanleyNelson. The narrator is Joe Morton; Edited by Lewis Erskine. Writers, Lou Potter, Jill Nelson, Stanley Nelson,MarciaSmith; Associate Producer/Director of Research, Valerie Linson; OriginalMusic Performed and Conducted by Ron Carter.