SHC 32: Engage in personal development in

Millgear SHC 32 is a premium product based on PAO (Polyalphaolefin) synthesised hydrocarbon technology, fortified with additives to provide EP performance with antifoam and anti-corrosion properties.

SHC 32: 2.2. Explain the expectations of own work role as expressed in relevant standards

Handling and Storage Recommendations
It is recommended that Mobil SHC Cibus 32 HT as well as other Mobil SHC lubricants should be stored inside and segregated
from other non-H1 lubricants. Ideally, it should be stored in a clearly signed, separate, designated inside area. Drums and pails
should not be stacked below or above other non-H1 lubricants. New packaging should be free from damage with an unbroken
seal. Record the delivery date, batch number and expiration date. Record the date of initial seal breakage and use the contents
in time by suitable stock rotation. Close all package openings after use. Do not replace unused oil in the container. Use clearly
labeled, dedicated equipment for internal transportation. Label machinery with the name of the correct H1 lubricant where
While Mobil SHC Cibus 32 HT may be physically compatible with other NSF H1 or non-NSF H1 registered mineral oil based

Mobiltemp SHC Series 32 100 460 Special

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