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Introduction speech examples can give you an insight into how introduction speeches should be written, and how public speaking can be made more personal yet engrossing. Oration is a skill that is difficult to master and anyone who has ever been asked to stand in front of a mike and speak to an expectant audience will testify to the jitters that you experience during the process. According to several people, introduction speeches are the worst of the lot, because speaking about a person or even oneself can be an extremely difficult task. While you can learn public speaking techniques, unless you infuse it with your own dash of personality, introduction speeches may fall flat. This article will help you write speeches of introduction, both self introductory speech and introduction speeches about others and also provide introduction speech examples of the two types. Self Introduction Speech Example If you have been asked to be the speaker at an event or have joined public speaking classes, then you may need to introduce yourself to the audience. But the moment you say "I am ...", you will probably have the audience yawning, falling on each others' shoulders. You will need a great introduction speech attention getter which grabs eyeballs and holds the attention of your audience. If you are looking for introduction speech ideas to prepare yourself for a speech that you have to give then, here are some pointers that will help you in making an introduction speech outline for your speech.

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Self Introduction Speech Examples

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