SCAD Sound design for a SCAD student-created game

SCAD sound design graduates have won Emmy and Golden Reel awards and worked on Oscar-winning films — and now you can follow in their footsteps. As a SCAD student, you will enjoy opportunities to vie for the highest honors in the industry at the most exclusive events.

SCAD sound design alumnus Todd Beyer discusses his passion for shaping sound.

We teach this to our students here at SCAD, and let me mention that SCAD sound design majors are the best prepared college students to work in the industry. They are starting to work now and they are great. They don’t get thrown because we are preparing them so well. One of the things they learn is to try and collar the filmmakers from our film school and they go out and scout locations to scout for audio locations as well as visual locations. So they don’t get that beautiful shot under the freeway…

VOICE: SCAD Sound Design Thesis | Indiegogo

SCAD Sound Design Portfolio 2013 - Duration: 4:27

I graduated from the BFA program at SCAD in Sound Design about a year ago. The program is great, you learn what you need to know and I was more prepared for LA then I could of ever imagined. Now being in GA your not exposed to any of the industry except the few professors that have beefy resumes. Although the school has an audio student organization which brings professionals in the Audio Post community to SCAD to lecture and talk about there experiences. Its a great program with great facilities, not to mention SCAD also has music production classes if that's something your interested in. It is quite expensive though so keep that in mind....