Sample thief 16 oz plated brass 59872 04 (Representative photo only)

The present invention is a sampling thief. FIG. 1 is a schematic of the outer hollow rod 1 of the sampling thief. The outer hollow rod 1 has a top end 14 and a bottom end 2. The bottom end 2 is also known as the tip. Outer hollow rod 1 also has an inner surface 15 and an outer surface 16. The length X of the outer hollow rod 1 is the length needed to reach into the area to be sampled. In one embodiment the length X is about 3 to 4 feet, preferably 3 feet. The length Y can be any length shorter than X, preferably 10 cm. The bottom end 2 of outer hollow rod 1 is open. Preferably the opening may be beveled which reduces the ability of large particles to avoid entrapment in the sample chamber. The size of the opening Z is the smallest diameter that will give enough strength to allow the bottom end 2 to be forced into the proper depth in the powder bed to be sampled. In one embodiment Z can be 0.1-1.0 cm, preferably 0.5 cm. The diameter of the larger end a of outer hollow rod 1 can be any width larger than the diameter of Z, preferably four times as large as Z, or 0.4-4 cm. The larger end a of outer hollow rod 1 consists of a locking type mechanism. This locking mechanism can be any type of locking mechanism, and will be discussed below.

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Samples can be taken at any depth with the use of a secondary trip line, or extension rods may be added for obtaining samples at levels of up to 18 (46cm) off the bottom. Sample Thief is equipped with plunger locking cam for tight closure during transport (except for 4 oz 1 1/8" diameter model).

Sample Thief (Bacon Bomb), Plated Brass 8 oz

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Sampling Systems supplies a comprehensive range of liquid samplers. We have liquid sample thiefs suitable for all industries, incluing: pharmaceutical, food, chemcial as well as sample thieves for environmental sampling.

Sampling Systems supply a range of environmental liquid samplers. The range includes surafce samplers as well as sampling thiefs to take samples from mid stream and the bottom of rivers, lakes and wells.