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Integrated Skills in English ISE II Reading & Writing exam Sample paper 1 Your full name: (BLOCK CAPITALS) Candidate number: Centre: Time allowed: 2 hours Instructions to candidates 1. Write your name,

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20 sample exam paper Task 2 Multi-text reading As part of your studies you are going to read about rivers. In this section there are three short texts for you to read and some questions for you to answer. Questions (one mark per question) Read questions first and then read texts A, B, C and D below the questions. As you read each text, decide which text each question refers to. Choose one letter A, B, C or D and write it on the lines below. You can use any letter more than once. Which text 16. makes negative comments about the activities of local people and businesses? 17. reports a good news story about recent improvements to a river environment? 18. shares lots of practical ideas from different people about how to improve a local river? 19. calls for more political action and public education to protect a nearby river? 20. shows some changing patterns in the state of health of a particular river? Text A From: Eva Sent: 11 November :37 To: Subject: River Mêle Dear Editor The River Mêle causes health problems in the city, so we need to take action. Although the other local factories have stopped putting waste into the river, the paper factory is still breaking pollution laws, and should have to pay big fines. The mud of the riverbed needs to be taken away because it s polluted with chemicals. Politicians are scared to say this, because it brings jobs to the city, but it is obvious that the paper company should pay. Also, people need to be educated: drinks bottles and plastic bags wouldn t be such a problem if people reused or recycled them. Yours Eva Strauss Text B The River Tollen: Yearly report on the results of pollution Waste from factories up 6.4% Oxygen (O 2 ) levels in water down 3.5% Fish numbers down 3% Water birds down 2.4% Rubbish up 14% Chemicals from farms in riverbed up 5.5% page 4 41

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