Romantic Ideology and the Popular Male Poet of Genius

What does McGann mean by the “Romantic ideology?” How does this ideology influence the way that literary critics have traditionally approached the Romantic period?

The Romantic Ideology: A Critical Investigation, McGann

William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850):
Wordsworth is one of the domineering figures of British Romanticism. He was good friends with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the two of them (along with some other writers who are no longer as well known as these two) settled in the Lake District in northwestern England. The group is often referred to as “the Lake Poets.” In 1798, Wordsworth and Coleridge anonymously published a collection of poems entitled Lyrical Ballads. Many critics cite the publication of this volume as the true beginning of the Romantic Period. In the 2nd edition of Lyrical Ballads (now published under Wordsworth’s name), Wordsworth added a preface which outlines his aesthetic theory and his views on what makes for good poetry. This preface is often considered as a manifesto of Romantic ideology.

Romantic ideology‘If you love someone’ - Oxford Scholarship

I have to write an essay on the Scarlet letting and i have to represent a romantic ideology and i don't even know what it means?

Claiming that the scholarship and criticism of Romanticism and its works have for too long been dominated by a Romantic ideology—by an uncritical absorption in Romanticism's own self-representations—Jerome J. McGann presents a new, view of the subject that calls for a radically revisionary reading of Romanticism.In the course of his