Rising Cost of American College Tuition: A Century of Worry

Gov. Cuomo revealed the plan alongside former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders last week. It would only cover tuition costs for students - room and board, miscellaneous costs and living expenses are not included. What it does is limit the amount by which school districts and other local governments can increase the amount of money raised by taxes for operating costs from one year to the next. The Vermont senator was a fierce critic of the rising cost of college and mounting student debt.

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There was no conversation about choosing a school in a specific price range, or what we would do if there wasn’t enough money to cover the rising cost of college. I have a feeling this conversation fails to happen in thousands of households every year.

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Sep. 18, 2013 - 5:20 - Former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings on the rising costs of a college education.

The rising cost of college grabs endless headline attention. Yet too many are missing the reality that these costs don't really outweigh the rising benefits.

In 1969, TIME one unorthodox solution: “How can parents cope with the rising cost of college? Answer: raise a boy like Thomas Lagos, who has just saved his family thousands of dollars by breezing through Ohio’s Wittenberg University in a single year.”Well i wasnt really paying attenetion to what was happening to the rising cost of college... and yes i am very worried about. well not really becaus ei am a smart child im doing well in school just need to get my head out the clouds and back to earth.....and my parents well i think they are worried because i have alot to pay for esp for the colleges i want to go to.i am working on my grades and my scholarship right nowBut as the article points out, the federal government is making quite a profit off of student loans. In 2013 it is estimated that the Department of Education made a whopping $50 billion profit from student loans. So even though the federal government has taken some steps to help ease the giant financial burden recent college grads have had to deal with by capping the interest rate on student loans to 10% of income, and forgiving any debt still owed after 20 years, they really have no incentive to do anything about the exorbitant and continually rising costs of a college education.Both critics point out that free tuition does not make college free. The Vermont senator was a fierce critic of the rising cost of college and mounting student debt. can cost another $700 to $800 per semester depending on the major chosen. Moreover, a college education is increasingly becoming a necessity, not a luxury. This program, coupled with New York's new Excelsior Scholarships Program, will ensure NY continues to lead the way forward on college affordability.