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The first consists of the overarching question of knowledge management – namely, developing an effective way to manage , while simultaneously seeking to maximize innovation and attain optimum competitive advantage. Although these three elements have been discussed at length in the extant literature on the subject, they have not yet received comprehensive treatment in relationship to one another. Therefore, this would be an excellent research paper on knowledge management. At this time, there have been no broad-based analyses of these three variables in relationship to one another, and this gap in the literature is a serious deficiency for both practicing and researchers alike.

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In answer to this characteristic of the extant literature, this research paper on knowledge management should seek to synthesize the exceedingly far-flung literature, providing a succinct, concise overview of what previous studies and research have had to say about the interrelationship of knowledge management, innovation, and competitive advantage, providing a precise starting point for future investigations on this aspect of knowledge management.