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Aug 16, 2015 Feel doubts in choosing a fresh and interesting topic for your research paper concerning global warming? Here you can find some important�.

Research Paper on Global Warming

research paper outline global warming

Much of the discussion on television regarding global warming tends to focus on where to place blame: Are humans causing global warming or is global warming a natural process? While most scientists agree that Earth is becoming warmer, those who agree are still conflicted on the root causes. Investigating certain aspects of this discussion can make for a suitable research paper on global warming. Some contradictory ideas remain unsolved and can be the focus of your paper. For example, according to The Right Climate Stuff Research Team, while carbon dioxide seems to have warming effects on the atmosphere, only three to four percent of carbon dioxide emissions come from human activity. In addition, the role carbon dioxide plays in global warming is still under debate. Any issue still being debated is suitable for a paper topic.