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As well, 63% of Canadians with foreign-born parents with at least a high school diploma but no college or university qualification attained a college or university qualification, compared with 46% for those whose parents were born in Canada. The opposite is seen in the average. The intergenerational mobility of Canadians with foreign-born parents was the second highest in the following New Zealand.

Exhibit 2: Highest qualification attained of resident non-students aged 25 years and over (%)

In 2003, 128,400 qualifications were attained in post-basic level education. The average age at the completion of the matriculation examination was 19, and initial vocational qualifications were taken at the age of 21, polytechnic degrees at 26 and basic university degrees at 27.

What is your highest educational qualification attained?

Residents comprise Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Data by highest qualification attained pertain to residents who are not ...

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