The Psychology Of Purchasing Property At Auction

Selling skills and the right tactics are certainly critical in being a successful sales rep, but so is having a keen understanding of the buyer psychology of purchase decisions and why people buy. Your reps aren’t selling to emotionless robots – they’re selling to real people, with feelings and emotions and impulses. Appeal to those, and they will be more successful and close more deals.

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Sales reps know that when talking to a potential customer, they should be thinking from the perspective of the , rather than their own seller’s process. However, not enough sales reps take it a step further by thinking about the buyer’s journey through the lens of the buyer’s thought process and psychology. In truth, the buyer psychology of how purchase decisions are made – why people buy – can be very enlightening and help a sales rep be more empathetic and, ultimately, more successful at their job.

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Learn how to increase your sales! Join us for this insightful talk on the psychology of purchasing and consumer behavior with our panel of marketing experts. This program features Jami Slotnick, Co-founder of 1010 Creative, Michael Solomon, Professor of Marketing, Haub School of Business, Saint Joesph's University and Denise Dahlhoff, Research Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center at Wharton with discussion regarding strategies to increase sales and learn about the psychology of purchasing and consumer behavior.