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"Once you pop, you can't stop!" This popular line from Pringles ads are very effective that consumers can't even resist its mouth watering taste. This head-turner Pringles vending machine features an easy to use interface for customers to use conveniently. This one of a kind refurbished Pringles vending machine can be purchased at an unbelievably affordable price.

will get their attention, and relates to original Pringles ads

Hi Neil, great stats especially on how even relevant ads are still ignored and the correlation between re-targeting ad views and annoyance/anger. It can be a bit discouraging for marketers, but I think constraints only increase creativity (e.g. pringles banner ads – I loved seeing that). I think ultra targeting/segmentation mixed with creative design/message definitely helps. For example, I’m thinking about running facebook ads that call marketers out for being on facebook during work, which is prevalent at agencies (our target market). Will share results whenever we get it running.

Pringles Commercial Ads 2016 (HD)

You Don’t Just Eat ’Em | Pringles®