Why choose The Personal Statement service?

An essential component of a graduate school or medical school application is the personal statement. A well written personal statement can mean the difference between an invitation for interview and the reject pile.

This service gives you an edit of a previously written personal statement.

After doing some careful reflection about what needs to be covered in the personal statement, applicants need to come up with some sort of structure to present their points in a way that is logical, coherent and compelling. As with any essay assignment, a personal statement for graduate school should have an introduction, a body that covers points mentioned in the introduction and a conclusion that wraps everything up.

1. The general, comprehensive personal statement:

This will give you a fully written personal statement for your UCAS application.

Personal statements show the admissions committees at graduate schools, medical schools, law schools, and other professional programs that you are more than just a collection of grades and scores. Don't miss your chance to make your application memorable in a positive way.

Prospective graduate school candidates, whatever their intended areas of scholastic focus, will all have to wrestle with that most fundamental of tasks… writing the personal statement. This is an importand piece of writing you must do in order to be admitted into graduate school. It’s also good writing experience for .Since one of the things graduate school candidates must do is put together a personal statement in order to wow admissions committees, it goes without saying that a few pointers on how best to go about it might be in order. A personal statement, also known as an admissions essay, basically consists of a one- to two-page document in which prospective graduate school candidates explain why they want to pursue the degree in question and why they should be selected over their rivals by the admissions committee.