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CS 2258 – DBMS LAB MANUAL 5.10. To write a PL/SQL Procedure for explicit cursors implementation 5.11. To write a PL/SQL Procedure for implicit cursors implementation 5. (c). Functions: 5.13. To write a PL/SQL block to implementation of factorial using function 5.12. To write a PL/SQL function to search an address from the given database 6. Front End Tools 6.1. To design a form using different tools in Visual Basic 7. Form 7.1. To design a Single Document Interface and Multiple Document Interface forms using Visual Basic. 8. Trigger: 8.1. To write a Trigger to pop-up the DML operations 8.2. To write a Trigger to check the age valid or not Using Message Alert. 8.3. Create a Trigger for Raise appropriate error code and error message. 8.4. Create a Trigger for a table it will update another table while inserting values 9. Menu Design 9.1. To design a Note Pad Application menu using Visual Basic. 10. Report design 10.1. To design a report using Visual Basic. 11. To design the Database and Implement it by using VB (Mini Project). 11.1. PASSPORT AUTOMATION SYSTEM

Guys, I have attached most of the UML Diagrams for Passport Automation System.

In this login module, we can perform that that perform that enters into the login website for the different actors, and then fill for the can be done by the Passport Automation System

Passport Automation System - Mini Project

Passport Automation System

My project title is passport automation system. In this project we can develop the 5 modules such as login, fill the form with necessary proof, verifying the applicant’s information, validity checking and issue the passport for that particular applicant.