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I want to be clear that I haven’t become an emotionless robot because I read this book. Holiday walks you through stories of stoicism as they relate to business owners, the über-successful, and war heroes—they weren’t emotionless robots, either. And I didn’t have interest in becoming more like any of the people in the book as much as I wanted to overcome a big obstacle in my life that was holding me back: Thinking of my IWearYourShirt business as a failure.

“Overcoming Obstacles In Life… Like a Squirrel?” written by Bren Koger.

Yet there’s no spiritual growth without obstacles. Every mature believer has at one time or many times dealt with unimaginable obstacles in the way of God’s direction for their lives. What to do with these obstacles? Reflect and meditate on the following 5 Biblical truths to help overcome obstacles in life:

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The biggest, baddest obstacles in life -- think natural disasters, economic depressions, and untimely death -- remind us something that's easy to forget: how little control we actually have over most things in life. Yet in the same breath, we're reminded of the single thing we do have control over: our reaction.

Of course I wasn't oblivious to the fact that I would encounter many obstacles in my life, but I thought that, generally speaking, I would be able to go through all of them with no problems, with the help of positive thinking.Thirdly, social obstructions are related to people who either do no cooperate, sabotage you, or are incompetent and unable to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them. Again it’s essential to forward plan and ensure that you clarify your needs adequately, your knowledge thoroughly and your instructions carefully. It also helps to develop strong bonds and relationships with the people you rely on most, safeguarding any future breakdown in communication. However don’t confuse this with trying to control people’s behaviour, decisions and actions. Instead subtly influence people and understand their needs, motives and desires. Only in this way will you successfully improve your chances of maneuvering through the social obstacles in your life.