35% EMC in a non linear fashion: So really, ..

Indie game also begins but, in addition to the nonlinear beginning, it later jumps between characters to build the story and character relationships in a nonlinear fashion, and a subtle branch means that players may see the stories in a different order if they walk into a different room at the beginning.

This is a stop motion set in a non linear fashion. All of my favorite little things!

Hard work is prerequisite. You’re not getting anywhere without it. But I write this to remind myself that in my moments of mental block I should not be stressed and self-deprecating, there are hundreds of years of tradition surrounding the concept that ideas worth having come to you in a nonlinear fashion. And additionally, my own experience dictates that I’m not always great at knowing which of the ideas are the ones that will perform. My only solution is to try, try, and try again. Waking up every morning hoping to be touched by just the right “genius” that takes me where I need to go.

XY Graph In a non linear fashion; LabVIEW

This is a story - told in nonlinear fashion - about three strangers who collide together against a backdrop of an earthly purgatory.

Kuenen L, Siegel J. 2016. Sticky traps saturate with navel orangeworm in a nonlinear fashion. Calif Agr 70(1):32-38. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v070n01p32.