It def did take me back to my school days.. Thank you so much.. 🙂

My School Day is a board book that has a movable clock in it. The book tells kids what happens during the school day (it goes from waking up in the mor

As i read , it made me feel so nostalgic about my school days 🙂 , thanks for writing this….!!!!

To be honest, ginaggiang, I don't want my mum to remind of my school days.....
Because I often made her get called from the homeroom teacher(!) Definitely, my mum only had bad experiences about my school days! Can you imagine, gianggiang??
Have the time of your life!✨

As level course work final peace about my school day and dyslexia.

Even today when I look out of the window during the rains....All I wish for is my School Days!!!!

Today, as I see kids crossing the road holding each other’s tiny hands.. When I see a group of 13 year old girls discussing about Deepika Padukone’s designer wear gown… When I see a group of 16 year olds talking about the latest crush in their class…. It reminds me of my school days.. The days that lay the foundation for the rest of my life to build on… None of us liked school when we were studying, we craved to go to college and then once in college, we waited to start working and once we worked for couple of years, we all want to “go back to school” again… Life is funny, it makes us want the things we have not liked when we had it and school life is the best example for it.