Essay On My Memorable Day In My Life

my most memorable day in my life is i had completed my graduation after that i went to my home in that day is very surprised to me because i got a new bike. my dad is presented to me in that time i fell very happy that is my most memorable day

my name is : jose ccama sangineztoday I am going to talk about “ My Memorable day “

My most memorable holiday was taking the Maharajas’ Express from Mumbai to Delhi back in 2010. I was born in India but on the other side of the country in a coal mining town called Asansol, about 200km west of Kolkata.

Essay On My Memorable Day Of Life

wheni just entered the graduation it was my first semester
exams and the dates of my1st three exams were parallel to
my real brothers marriage functions and unfortuntly i hav
to leve my three exams and some how gave d remaining three
exams and into the next sesmester i was supose to give nine
exams and believe me i worked alot for it and i was passed
in that nine subjects which was a chalenge for me ...and
that became my memorable day.....and that days i hav parted