As a child, I ran from my Indian heritage

This then, is My Indian Heritage which places Me squarely in the center of a bit of evolving Earth called My Body, and which ceaselessly impels us both to ever fresh adventures of the embodied Spirit to evermore glorious combinations of Form and Function.

My Indian heritage. | See more about Native american, Native american women and Sioux.

To be an Indian is to be able to say ‘I’, and to take full responsibility for saying it, and to learn to make your complex body express what you say. Anyway, that is the foundation. That is the human being we talk about. My Indian Heritage makes me take one long look at the ‘I’-less textbooks of physiology and health which masquerade as the science of human health! Must you wonder at this state of mushrooming ill-health and insanity!

As A Child, I Ran From My Indian Heritage

Proud of my Indian heritage