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Milton describes Satan's exalted state as president of proceedings. Satan explains how, as none wishes to take on his suffering, none will wish to dispute his leadership, and calls for speakers.

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One source of Satan’s fascination for us is that he isan extremely complex and subtle character. It would be difficult,perhaps impossible, for Milton to make perfect, infallible characterssuch as God the Father, God the Son, and the angels as interestingto read about as the flawed characters, such as Satan, Adam, andEve. Satan, moreover, strikes a grand and majestic figure, apparentlyunafraid of being damned eternally, and uncowed by such terrifyingfigures as Chaos or Death. Many readers have argued that Miltondeliberately makes Satan seem heroic and appealing early in thepoem to draw us into sympathizing with him against our will, sothat we may see how seductive evil is and learn to be more vigilantin resisting its appeal.

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angel. In Book I, Milton presents Satan primarily as a military hero, and the council of devils as a

Paradise Lost is an epic poem by 17th century English writer, John Milton. At the time of its publication it caused a lot of controversy due to its in-depth depiction of Satan around the time of The Fall of Adam and Eve. In this poem we question about parallels between Milton’s version of Satan and Milton himself. In attempt to understand these parallels we can observe the text to better understand how Milton portrayed Satan’s character. Satan’s heroic persona is heavily focused on in the first few books to display the complexity of his character and make him relatable to the reader. Also, we can see both directly and indirectly in the text how Milton is able to relate to Satan’s character in Paradise Lost. Lastly, by combining information and evidence from this epic poem, we can further distinguish what Milton is trying to convey about both Satan and God.