Ang Bata Nga Dili Matulog by Macario Tiu

It was during the American rule in the late 19th century that more settlers came to Davao, according to the book “Reconstructing History from Text and Memory” by Macario Tiu.

Macario Tiu obviously could not care less. He's too busy rewriting history

First Prize winner of the 1ng Satur Apoyon Tigi sa Mubong Sugilanong Binisaya: AL PONCIANO DATU of Cagayan de Oro with Judges MACARIO TIU, DON PAGUSARA, and ARNEL MARDOQUIO. Also in picture is Davao Writers Guild president, JHOANNA CRUZ.

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Bago Aplayaby Macario Tiu

Ateneo de Davao University will hold its AdDU Writers Workshop 2012 from May 21 to May 25 at the university’s Jacinto Campus. The workshop is designed to reach out to young writers of Davao City, help them grow in their craft, and lead them to publication in order to give voice to the Mindanao youth. While geared primarily to students of Ateneo de Davao, the workshop also brings in guests from other schools in Davao.
Panelists for the workshop are Dr. Ricardo M. de Ungria (UP-M), Dr. Macario Tiu (PWC), Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz (UP-M), and Don Pagusara, all of the Davao Writers Guild. Workshop director is Dominique Gerald Cimafranca.

Vicente Po, a young man living at 515 Reina Regente Street, Manila, was kidnapped for ransom on December 12, 1946 from the vicinity of his home, and killed on December 17 on the ground floor of a small almost dilapidated house at 13 Bonifacio Street, San Juan, Rizal. For this crime, the appellants — Carlos Miranda Tan and Uy Chen Tek y Pi — were prosecuted with Macario Tiu, who, before arraignment, was discharged on motion of the city fiscal to be used as a state witness; and found guilty of kidnapping and serious illegal detention, they were sentenced to and costs.Macario Tiu y Chua, a young chap of seventeen, testified that having requested O Pe to find a job for him and O Pe having promised to do so, they met on a Sunday in a restaurant on T. Alonso Street. There O Pe told him that he got a job for him as watchman. Seated beside O Pe were the two accused to whom O Pe now and then whispered. At the conclusion of the conversation O Pe told the defendants that they were going to hire the witness as a watchman but the accused did not say anything. All came out of the restaurant together but they separated outside, the witness going in one direction and the accused together in another direction.