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Dog politics have been a source of tension in San Francisco ever since Supervisor Harvey Milk famously stepped in a pile of doggie doo at an outdoor press conference in 1978. He wanted to pass a pooper-scooper law and staged his misstep to prove his point: Quality of life in a crowded city depends on how responsible its dog owners are.

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Another advantage is that the school “is surrounded by acres of forest and wildlife, which provides a rich reflective learning experience”, he says, contrasting life in a crowded city or doing a busy job where it can be hard to get some time to reflect and learn.

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You can live your life in a crowded city,
You can walk along a crowded street.
But the city really ain't no bigger than the friendly
People, friendly people that you meet.
You might be a sweet young, sweet young pretty, pretty,
And at the dances you can't keep your seat.
But, if dances don't lead to romances,
You might as well be born, be born with two left feet.