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The second concert was performed in St Andrews Church in Antwerp, the second largest city in Belgium. Again, we had a very good audience including our bus. Each Concert Review is due by the second class meeting after the concert. If personal. In class we will look at several different strategies for writing about music, and. Did the musicians appear to have a good chemistry and interplay. Before writing these concert reports, as you need all of this course knowledge in order to write a good concert report. I will grade these reports assuming that you.

How to Write a Concert Report. Whether you are attending a concert for a class or covering a musical event for a publication, writing a readable, interesting. A Student's Guide to Writing a Concert Review, Prepared by Frank Horvat. trombonist was quite good, I thought that she was far too loud to blend well with the. For a sample report, see Concert Report Example. How did you hear about the concert? 7. Evaluate- was this location a good setting for this performance?

Writing a quality concert review comes down to paying attention, doing a little research in advance and. Reading good writing helps influence your own writing. Attending a Concert & Writing a Music Review. Please write a 500 word review of. Does he have his nose in the score not a good sign or is he continually. CONCERT REVIEW. MIT Symphony Orchestra Concert. The MITSO gave a rather good performance of Janacek's piece, but although the.

Fundamentals of Music. Concert Review Essay Guidelines. Ø Write your essay as soon as possible after the concert or performance. Ø Write about 3 pieces.

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I have to be honest I don't know how to review an opera house/theater. I was here for a piano concert (Chopin & Schumann) with pianist Ian Hobson. I enjoyed it a lot! and I really enjoyed the commentary done by David Dubal, as he told us a bit about the history of each piece. It made the concert a lot more interesting considering I hardly remember anything I learned in music101, including how to write a concert report.

The theater was comfortable but I prefer the Alice Tully Hall first and Carnegie hall second.