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The man is the nucleus of the universe. He is the supreme creature of the God. The God has bestowed him with all out energy and resources to live on the most adorned and colorful planet of the universe; the Earth. But sometime it really becomes hard for him to move forward and make progress; in such bleak circumstances nothing but hope for the betterment remains last apparatus of him. Hope is the last resort in the times of difficulty. It is silver lining darkness. The hope is the drop of water in the time drought. It is the up thrust of the air for aero plane. Life isn’t the bed of rose rather than it is full of thorns. One has to confront with many problematic circumstances in ones life. And in such situation one categorically becomes feeble and nothing but hope for betterment becomes last resort for one. In other words expectation inculcates tolerance and calmness in ones disposition. It effectively discourages despotic attitude and promotes self reliance and modesty. Islam, a religion of peace and tolerance, encourages hope for the improvement in the time of crunch. Allah despises hopelessness and attributes it as a greatest sin. Without optimistic approach the progress in any sphere of life is impossible. It is the hope for better future and all out efforts of the millions of the Muslims of Sub continent which empowered them to get a separate homeland; Pakistan for the better and prosper future of their generations. Moreover, a candidate appearing for C.S.S exams could hardly get through the exam without good expectation. As it is overwhelming hope for progressive result forces the aspirants to prepare to the fullest and get good marks. In long and short, the hope is passion and life line for a life. One cannot even imagine a success without good hope. Although Pakistan is in thick of crisis but one should remain hopeful for better future because hope is the buoy of life.

Raqs-e-Bismil.: Hope is the buoy of life! - Taha Saleem

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Hope is the buoy of life