Thomas Hobbes: Moral and Political Philosophy

However, Newcastle and Jermyn both advised Charles to agree. (He could always renege on the agreement, they implied, when back in power). Charles took their advice, swore the Covenant accepting Presbyterianism, and went to Scotland. At just this time Hobbes was writing in which he rejected the idea that the Church must be .
The Royalist cause collapsed when the Scots were completely defeated by Cromwell and the Battles of Dunbar (September 1650) and Worcester (September 1651).

The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes ..

Having analyzed both theories from a philosophical perspective it might be apt to have a brief look at both men’s work in a historical context. For Hobbes was writing at a time of civil war, a time when fear of violent death was prevalent, the state of nature was a close reality. So his view though systematically formed and of scientific method could have been said to have been influenced by the chaos he was viewing in his lifetime, where statehood or rather sovereignty was insecure. This could be analyzed in two ways. The first is to say that Hobbes first hand experience gave him greater insight into the realities of the state of nature. The second is to say that the one particular extremity observed by Hobbes, namely the English civil war, skewed Hobbes argument to a negativist position based on one event. On the other hand Locke was fortunate enough to be writing after these events and was so unappreciative of the realities of the chaos brought by conflicting claims to authority and so reached his positivist position on the state of nature and the essence of man.

What are the writings that earned Hobbes his philosophical fame?

Críticas. Cromartie's careful and erudite edition is matched by an introduction which discusses Hobbes writings on jurisprudence and the nature of common law. . . .

Hobbes political writing influenced other philosophers like Spinoza, Hutcheson, Locke, and Hume. He is an excellent writer and his theories are easy to understand.