The Availability Heuristic with Examples

This introductory heuristic example suggests two points about politicalpersuasion. First, the British Airways ad suggests an answer to the abiding question, why do politicians stick with hackneyed presentations of their positions and policies--new bridge, new deal, rebuilding theinfrastructure, land of opportunity, new day, dawn in America, drawing us together, closer to the people, a stronger America--despite pleas in everyforum that they offer something new? Perhaps the politicians lack invention, but alternatively, perhaps they know intuitively that offering a new blend runs the risk that members of their audience will bring to its interpretation highly charged conceptual frames, leading some of them to interpret it in a way that will hurt the politician, who will then have to back-peddle. In a climate of negative political attack, where a politician's utterances are read by opponents with an eye toward making them sound evil, the prudent politician will prefer clichés.

A Heuristic Example - Mark Turner

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