If the fathers strove to give their children a good upbringing, ..

Good upbringing is all about training a child to be a good citizen and an asset to society. To this end, a parent has to think of the ideal citizen and try to encourage – remember, ‘encourage’ and NOT force – the child to become this ideal.

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Since our nature is two-fold, consisting of body and soul, every child needs not only physical but also spiritual nurturing. If the parents only nurture the child physically, while neglecting him spiritually, he will grow up a "child of nature" and a slave of carnal desires. St. John Chrysostom says the following about this: "To educate the hearts of children in goodness and virtuousness is the sacred duty of parents. The violation of this duty makes them guilty of spiritual infanticide ... There are parents who spare no efforts to make their children happy and wealthy; but for their children to be good Christians - for such matters the parents have little need. This is a terrible shortsightedness! This is the very reason for the problems from which society groans ... If the fathers strove to give their children a good upbringing, there would be no need for laws, or courts, or punishments. Prisons and executioners are necessary due to the lack of morality."

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A good upbringing for a son requires a good relationship with the father and the son. The father must have a good physical, playful, loving, emotional and caring relationship and bond with the son. If the father is a good role model, then the son will look up to the father and learn from him. Its good for the father to encourage the son to participate in activities such as football, boxing, running, fishing, cycling, archery or reading. Gradually as the father encourages and praises the son, he will slowly become more confident in himself and start to feel better about himself. The father needs to encourage the son to sometimes do things for himself as this teaches the son to be more independent and feel more sure of himself. It's important to put the boy into a good school where he can be kept away from bad influences. As the son begins to get older the parents must ensure that the boy is doing well, not misbehaving, associating with good friends and staying away from any drugs or alcohol or cigarettes; although by now, the son will already be mentally strong enough and good enough not to give into temptations, and it's doubtful the son would ever want to disappoint his parents if the family think highly of the son.