What is meant by the phrase friction is a necessary evil?

Friction is a necessary evil. In some situations, it plays a positive role whereas in others, it is not needed. The net efficiency of any machine depends on the amount of friction present in that machine, because a large part of the input energy of all machines is wasted in overcoming friction between its various parts, and thus the total output from the machine decreases.

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Friction is a necessary evil. Without friction, we cannot walk, hold articles, the brakes of automobiles do not work, and the power of a motor cannot be transferred to a grinding machine.

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Friction Is A Necessary Evil

Every school-going kid is taught that friction is a necessary evil. There’s another necessary evil hiding in plain sight that they aren’t taught about: the law of conservation of energy. Sure, violating this law would lead to catastrophic ergonomic consequences in this universe, but it’s also the law standing in the way of perpetual motion machines.

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