At Newman, he met Father Sigourney Fay, ..

He attended the Newman School, a catholic prep school in New Jersey. There he met Father Sigourney Fay who encouraged his ambitions. He also attended Princeton University. He was a member of the Princeton class of 1917. He wrote the scripts and lyrics for the Princeton Triangle Club musicals and was a contributor to the humor magazine and the Nassau Literary Magazine. He was put on probation and was unlikely to graduate so he joined the army in 1917. He thought he would die in the army so he quickly wrote a novel called "The Romantic Egotist."

New Jersey, where he met Father Sigourney Fay, who encouraged his ambitions

Prior to attending Princeton, Fitzgerald was enrolled in the Newman School, a Catholic prep school in New Jersey, where he met a man by the name of Father Sigourney Fay. Fay encouraged Fitzgerald's ambitions for achievement. Fitzgerald went on to become a member of the Princeton Class of 1917, however, he tended to neglect his schoolwork and studies in order to pursue his love of literature. Fitzgerald contributed to the Princeton Tiger and also wrote lyrics for the Princeton Triangle Club musicals. Fitzgerald, after being put on academic probation and not being likely to graduate, joined the Army in 1917, where he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry. During this time, Fitzgerald did not see it likely he would survive the war; he hastily wrote his first novel entitled The Romantic Egotist. He later received a letter from Charles Scribner's Sons, whom he had sent his novel to for publishing, rejecting his novel. His novel was praised in this letter and Francis was told to resubmit it after revising the novel further.

There, he met Father Sigourney Fay, who

He grew up Irish-Catholic, and went to a prestigious boarding school where Father Sigourney Fay encouraged him to follow his literary ambitions.

Page had the better argument. Though Fitzgerald wrote in 1918, that was his “last year as a Catholic.” Two years later he married Zelda Sayre in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and after she gave birth to daughter Scottie, Fitzgerald had her baptized. He was known to have priests as good friends, and in fact dedicated This Side of Paradise, his first novel, to one of them, Father Cyril Sigourney Webster Fay. Apparently, it’s hard to root out Catholicism even in non-practicing Catholics.